What Is Skilled Nursing Care?
Skilled Nursing Care is a term used
by Medicare to define nursing
services that must be supervised daily by a
registered nurse. Such care is usually critical
in nature and required 24 hours a day. To
determine whether or not a resident is in
need of Skilled Nursing Care, an
interdisciplinary team review involving a
physician and other health care professionals
is required. In delivering Skilled Nursing
Care, we utilize all our talents and state-of-the-art medical and therapeutic equipment.

What Is Dementia (Alzheimer’s) Care?
We have broadened our resources to
encompass the unique needs of the
resident with Dementia: a secure environment,
engaging activities, specialized nursing
care, and more individualized resident care.
If needed, the resident with Alzheimer’s
disease, or other related disorders, can receive
Skilled or Nursing Facility care in a
compassionate environment that is dedicated
to their special requirements.

What Rehabilitation Services Are Available?
We feature orthopedic rehabilitation
services, as well as complete
physical, speech and occupational therapy. Each of our therapists works closely with the
personal physician, adhering to any special
orders and communicating progress. We have a fully equipped therapy
department, including exercise equipment
and weights.

Is This Health Care Facility Medicare and Medicaid Approved?
We are both Medicare and Medicaid

What Does The Daily Nursing Care Charge Include?
The daily nursing care charge
includes not only room and board
but also extras such as special diets, betweenmeal
snacks, therapeutic activities and social
services. Our daily charge is very competitive
with comparable facilities.

What About Physician Services?
We encourage residents to continue
to see their own physicians.
However, the physician must already be on
staff at our facility. We can arrange for a
physician if one is needed. Please see our
Director of Admissions if you have questions.

What About Incontinence Care?
The facility uses incontinency
products that are therapeutically
designed for the geriatric patient and are
cost-effective. The resident will be assessed
for the proper product, depending on his or
her needs. All appropriate charges will be
added to the monthly bill. Our Director of
Nursing will be glad to discuss any questions
or concerns you may have.

What Is There To Do All Day?
Our Activities Department has
varied programs each day, designed
to cover the resident’s hobbies and interests.
A calendar of events for each month is
posted. Our activity staff will work with
bedfast and disoriented residents who may
not be able to participate in other activities.
If you’d like to have a family get-together, call
the Activity Department to reserve an area
for your private gathering.
Of course, ideas for new activities are always
welcomed, as are volunteers to assist with the

What Other Belongings Can Be Brought?
A radio, a comforter for the bed,
pictures, wall hangings, and any
other items that personalize the room are all
acceptable and encouraged. If space allows, a
vinyl-covered lift chair or a recliner is fine to
bring as well. Please see the Director of
Admissions with questions.
A small, portable television and stand or a
small wall-mount television are permitted
also. Please see the Director of Admissions
for size restrictions.
Please check with the charge nurse before
bringing any personal hygiene items. All
personal hygiene items need to be marked
with the resident’s name.

What About Going Out for The Day?
With a doctor’s permission, family
and friends are permitted to take the
resident out for the day. Just be sure to notify
the charge nurse so we can prepare any
medications that might be needed. A pass
will need to be signed by the family member
or friend which makes him or her responsible
for the resident while out of the facility.
During Medicaid or Medicare covered stays,
passes may have some restrictions. Please
discuss this with our Director of Nursing.

What About Meals?
Meal time is a good time to socialize,
relax, and meet other residents.
Meals are served in the dining room. Families
are invited to join the residents during meals,
including the holidays. Meal tickets are
available at the reception desk.

What About Laundry?
Our laundry department can take
care of personal clothing. An
additional monthly charge may apply. The
resident’s family can also do personal laundry,
if preferred. If the family chooses to do the
laundry, it will be necessary to bring along a
plastic clothes hamper with a secure lid for
dirty clothes. The family must launder the
soiled items in a timely manner to prevent
odors. The facility requests that the family
label each article of clothing with the
resident’s name.

What About Cable T.V.
Cable Television service is available.
Additional costs may apply.

What About Internet Access?
Internet access is available. Please see
the Director of Admissions for more
information on how to connect!

What About the Daily Newspaper?
Call the local paper and a
subscription service can be arranged.
They will deliver it to the facility, and we will
be glad to deliver it to the resident’s room.
The family is responsible for the cost of the

Can Family Pets Visit?
Family pets are allowed to visit the
resident. The facility requests that
the pet be on a leash and that veterinarian
records are available upon request. No pets
are allowed in the dining area during meal

What Is Nursing Facility Care?
Typically, Nursing Facility Care
involves less intensive yet
comprehensive and holistic nursing care.
Nursing Facility Care is not covered by

What Is Hospice Care?
Hospice is a special kind of care
designed to provide comfort and
support to individuals in the final phase of a
terminal illness. Under the direction of the
resident’s physician, our team of professional
caregivers provides the much-needed
physical, emotional, and spiritual care to the
resident as well as their family. We are
pleased to provide help, comfort and
support that residents and families need
during end-of-life care.

What Other Supportive Services Are Available
Should psychiatric, dental, podiatry,
dermatology, or vision care services
be needed, the nurse will check with the
physician and will obtain assistance from the

What About Payment?
This facility accepts Medicare,
Medicaid, some private insurance
policies, some Medicare-Replacement
policies, and private-pay. The Director of
Admissions will be glad to assist with any
payment questions, concerns, or issues.

What Other Costs Should Be Considered?
Personal care items, including
incontinency products, hygiene
supplies, and medical supplies, may be an
added expense. If you have questions about a
specific item or service, please let us know.

What About Prescriptions?
This facility uses a pharmacy that
specializes in long-term care.
Medication is provided by a computerized
unit dose system which provides our staff
with uniform and consistent labeling. The
long-term care pharmacy provides quality
assurance, cost containment, 24-hour
emergency service, and consultant services. If
you or your family have any questions about
our pharmacy services, discuss this with our
Director of Admissions or our Director of

What Are the Tube Feeding & I.V. Policies?
Together, we can determine the best
course of action to prevent needless
suffering without prolonging pain. It is our
policy that, should a resident face dehydration
or malnutrition, he or she will be monitored
and evaluated for the need of tube feedings
(nasogastric or gastrostomy) or intravenous
fluids. Prior to implementing any medical
intervention, we will discuss all aspects of the
resident’s condition with the physician,
responsible party, and resident. In some
cases, the inability or preference not to
comply with this policy may necessitate the
resident being transferred from the facility.
Please ask to discuss the situation with the
Director of Nursing for an individualized
and in-depth review of this policy.

What To Wear?
Bring outfits that would be worn at
home. We suggest having at least
seven changes of clothing. All clothing
should be clearly marked with a laundry
marker with the resident’s name. Remember
to bring plastic hangers.

What About Visitors?
There are no restrictions on visiting
hours. For safety, the front door is
locked at night. There is a front entrance
doorbell/intercom which allows for entrance
upon request.

What About Smoking?
For residents, smoking is permitted
in designated areas only. Cigarettes
and matches/lighters must be kept at the
nurses’ station.

What About Bringing in Food?
Any food that is brought in must be
stored in tightly sealed, plastic
containers. Otherwise, food kept in drawers
and closets could create a problem with
maintaining pest control in the facility. All
foods brought into the facility must be
non-perishable. Before bringing in food,
please check with the charge nurse for dietary
or swallowing restrictions.

What About Telephones?
Private telephones can be installed in
your room by contacting the local
telephone carrier. There is an initial
installation cost. Phone jacks are available in
all of the resident rooms. You must bring in
your own phone. You will have your own
phone number and will be billed directly by
the local phone company.

What About Cameras and Video?
To respect the privacy and
confidentiality of all residents, any
use of devices capable of taking pictures
and/or video should be discussed with the
Administrator or Director of Nursing.

Are Beauty Shop Services Available?
Beauty and barber shop services are
available by a licensed cosmetologist.
For questions about cost and payment, please
see our Front Office Staff.

What About Wheelchairs?
Some wheelchairs and geri chairs are
available for shared use among all
residents. For exclusive use, we recommend a
personal purchase. Use of electric wheelchairs
must be pre-approved by the facility. For
questions, please see the Director of Nursing.

What About Being Discharged?
There are many factors that need to
be considered before a resident can
be discharged from the facility. Our Social
Service Designee and business office will
need to be notified. Our care plan team will
work with the family, the resident, and the
physician to ensure a smooth transition